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Done Booting publishes Technical Articles on software installation, development, and maintenance for FreeBSD systems. The pragmatic technical articles cover FreeBSD desktops, servers, and the C++ Web Application development.

We develop Console, Desktop, and Web Applications for FreeBSD systems using advanced open source technologies. Done Booting provides consultation on secure, stable, and scalable enterprise-class FreeBSD system solutions and software applications.

FreeBSD operating system

FreeBSD is a Secure and Stable operating system. The FreeBSD system can run on multiple hardware architectures. A vast array of multimedia, utility, development, and business software applications are available for FreeBSD systems.

FreeBSD system features:

  • Secure and stable system
  • Variety of hardware architectures
  • Multiple filesystem storage options
  • Advanced networking protocols
  • Easy software package manager
  • Multiple GUI desktop environment
  • Vast array of software applications
  • BSD software license

C++ web framework

C++ web application development using C++ web framework and C++ libraries. Learn how to integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within C++ web applications. The article also covers how to connect the web application to the database using a C++ DB library.

The comprehensive article covers the end-to-end technologies required to develop a C++ web application, from installation, and configuration of C++ web framework and software libraries, to running your first C++ web application on the production server.

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Setting up a custom load balancer and web server requires a VPS with root access. Use our affiliate links to purchase a VPS or cloud server from third-party vendors. The affiliate commissions we earn facilitate, Free website access for everyone.

The affiliate links are listed in alphabetical order without any favor. Users are encouraged to refer to the Global Webdynamics LLP Terms of Service governing the Third-party vendors.

Easy installation and maintenance

FreeBSD operating system provides an easy-to-use software package manager (pkg) and ports to install and maintain software applications. There are thousands of software applications available under the FreeBSD package manager and ports collection.

FreeBSD package manager

The first option available to install software applications is from FreeBSD Package Manager. The package manager installs software from the pre-built binaries. The installation and maintenance of the Firefox web browser using the package manager can be as easy as follows.

Terminal ~
# Install Firefox
$ sudo pkg install firefox

# Update Firefox
$ sudo pkg update

# Get info about Firefox
$ pkg info firefox
Name           : firefox
Version        : 85.0.2,2
Installed on   : Tue Feb 16 17:24:40 2021 IST

# Remove Firefox
$ sudo pkg delete firefox

FreeBSD ports collection

FreeBSD Ports is another option available to install software applications. Ports install software from source code. Installing software from the FreeBSD ports collection can be fine-tuned by enabling and disabling compilation and configuration flags.

Terminal ~
# With ports collection installed,
# change to Firefox port directory
$ cd /usr/ports/www/firefox

# Compile and install Firefox
$ sudo make install

# Remove temp build files
$ sudo make clean

# Remove Firefox
$ cd /usr/ports/www/firefox
$ make deinstall

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