How to order

You can place the purchase order by sending the following information to the billing email ID:

  • Product name
  • Product ID
  • Full name
  • Email ID
  • Country name

Order processing

After placing the purchase order online or by email, the customer will receive an order acknowledgment email with the invoice and available payment options. The payment options depend on the customer's country of origin.

The order processing will begin soon after the invoice gets paid. The support team will send the payment confirmation and the order fulfillment status to the customer's registered email ID.


Payments are safe and secure. Customers can make a payment through the link shared via email. The payment methods available will depend on the customer's payment currency.

Payment options

  • Bank fund transfer: IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and UPI.
  • Payment gateway: Amex, MasterCard, RuPay, and Visa.
  • International payment: PayPal.

The tax invoice will be issued only in INR (Indian Rupee). Click here Payment help to know more about the billing and payment.

Is giving remote VPS access secure?

We will generate the SSH public/private RSA key pair on our FreeBSD system and share the public key ( ) with you. Login to your VPS or cloud service provider's control panel and add the SSH public key ( ) to SSH authorized_keys.

We will then login to your VPS or cloud service provider's server through SSH public/private RSA key pair handshake. No password is used to login to remote servers.

Once the installation and setup services are completed, login to your VPS or cloud service provider's control panel and delete our provided SSH public key ( ) from SSH authorized_keys.

Affiliate links

Setting up a custom load balancer and web server requires a VPS with root access. Use our affiliate links to purchase a VPS or cloud server from third-party vendors. The affiliate commissions we earn facilitate, Free website access for everyone.

The affiliate links are listed in alphabetical order without any favor. Users are encouraged to refer to the Global Webdynamics LLP Terms of Service governing the Third-party vendors.

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